Way to silence alarms from faulty SQL bindings?

Using Ignition 7.9.9. Came onto a project that has a window that has 10+ different containers underneath a root container. Each of these containers has a custom property “ReportData” with slightly different SQL Bindings, part of which has the Schema fed in as a parameter. As in

SELECT something
FROM {[client]Schema].table

So what this means is usually all except the containers except the one relevant and shown to the user then throw a bunch of print statements to the console log that the SQL binding is faulty - usually an invalid object error (because the schemas don’t have the same design). There’s so much text that any print statements get lost. I am tasked with trying to clean this up. Is there a way to silence the warnings from these SQL bindings? To tell them not to print this issue to the console? Or a way to circumvent this with minimal changes?


Consider replacing all of the containers with a single template holder, and re-implement each container as a template. The visibility selection would be changed to drive the template path. With this approach, the broken bindings simply wouldn’t exist to create errors. Or extra DB load.

Yea, not exactly how I would have designed it lol. That’s a good idea. I’ll see if this person thinks it’s fine.