Ways of monitoring errors on Voice Notification Module

In working towards establishing ways to maintain the highest possible uptime on our services, I am trying to establish some methods to monitor our voice notification to verify that is active and working. Better yet, I would like to be notified if a callout fails. I dont see an easy way of doing this currently.

My first thought is the audit log, but it looks like there is no difference in the status code between an unanswered call vs a call that was not completed due to errors on the voice notification module, both show 0.

How is everyone else dealing with this? I could write a query that looks for a certain number of placed calls with a status code of 0 in the audit table, but this definitely wouldnt be a foolproof method.

My next thought would be accessing the wrapper log or console in some way to look for errors, although I believe this would probably be extremely tedious to do.

It would be nice if we could input an email address in the voice notification module configuration that would be alerted if a call fails due to some error or the connection to the sip service is lost.

So just trying to get feedback from others to see how they monitor status of their voice notification module.

Sorry, no help here.



Has anyone come up with a solution for this? I have a Atcom IP02 that I am using for my telephone gateway. I would like to monitor it’s status.

I am looking at putting in Voice Notification for a customer, has anyone figured out how to monitor the module?