Ways to check if the popup is open

Hi guys, would like to ask for ideas or approach on how to check if the popup is open in another workstation/session. What we need is to make sure that the specific popup can only be open/active in 1 workstation/session.

We initially used memory tags to disable the navigation button when popup is open. The downside is, if we force close the session without closing the popup, the tag will remain latched.

Is there a way to check if the popup is open via session properties?
Thanks in advance!

maybe close the popup also on shutdown event? (and adjust the tag fo it)

probably need to track if its open it in a session prop too then

I forget what a page id is, but you might be able to use this function to check if the page is open


pageid is nothing usefull...

i would avoid having to look up everything, but if you rly have to, this might help

yeah, found that this work on checking if the specific screen is opened in a session.

Thanks a lot!