Weak ciphers being reported on penetration audit

ignition version 7.5.11

One of our customers IT team recently did an audit of their system and found weak ciphers being reported. I found an online scanner and ran a test on our internal system and found a similar result:

What can be done to rectify these weak ciphers? Is there a way to disable the weak ciphers? Is this something that was addressed in 7.6 or 7.7?

I can not say how this may affect your Ignition version (our install is 7.9.4), but the solution I found was to go into the JAVA home directory/installation. There you will find file java.security under /lib/security. Look for jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms= where you can add “DSA, DESede, DES”.

In the ignition.conf file I added the following lines:
wrapper.java.additional.5=-DexcludedCiphers=SSLv3,TLSv1,DES-CBC3-SHA,DHE-RSA-DES-CBC3-SHA,DES,3DES, DESede, DES

I now have DES, 3DES, SSL3 and TLS1 disabled.

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