Weather Widget Perspective blocked

I have a "Weather " widget on one of my perspective pages, it’s was working for months, but stopped and displays: “Waiting for weather station…” I found the script for that widget (getWeather) and ran it in the Script Console looking for the weather station KMSY, it returned data as expected.

Does the widget use some proxy to access the link?
Here is the url the script requests using httpGet - NOAA's National Weather Service
If I paste that link into a web browser on the ignition server, it pulls up the page fine.
This is on a customer’s network, they likely are blocking a port, but I don’t know which one to tell them to open.

If it’s using httpGet, then the request is actually being issued from the gateway; that may be part of the problem. It’s very likely an IT/firewall restriction that was put in place.