Web API - Diagnostics/Threads

Trying to troubleshot some resource issues on a couple of Ignition gateways and in the threads section of the diagnostic page on the gateway “Web API” is using 6% of the CPU. This system has ~ 100 Java Web Start clients hooked up to it - is that what the Web API is indicative of? On another system with only 15 clients the Web API is utilizing 3% of CPU.


“Web API” represents most all the calls to various HTTP endpoints on the Ignition gateway, including those made by the status pages. I don’t think it includes Vision Clients at all.

Thanks for the quick response! That being said would you think that 6% is high? This is a system with 100K tags and 50+ projects, 70 device connections and a lot of database transactions and the Web API is using more CPU than any other thread.

Some of the status pages, like the thread viewer and log viewer in particular, are resource heavy. Maybe there’s one or more of those left open somewhere. I wouldn’t really worry about it unless it’s negatively affecting your Ignition gateway in other ways though.

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