Web API to monitor Ignition server health?

Hi folks,

We have multiple Ignition servers and so I’m interested in being able talk to each server on the fly via a web API to get server health metrics. Things like database connection status, gateway network connection status, etc. I can see these endpoints if I browse to /data/status/databases and /data/status/gan and the JSON is what I want. The issue is that you need to be authenticated to get there.

Is there a web API I can use to authenticate to Ignition so that I can get the server health metrics? I’m not seeing any documentation for this.

Thanks in advance for the help.

One option/alternative is building something yourself using WebDev module and expose the data (from things like the system tag providers and/or system.xxxx utility functions) you need… This would then let you expose these through separate auth then the Gateway Status pages; it would also let you bundle everything you need into a single endpoint.

There’s no web API that IA publishes to shortcut or execute authentication. However, this might be what you’re really looking for. You can host your own endpoint that serves out a bunch of diagnostic information.

The only requirement is the webdev module, and it gives you a single endpoint that has a slew of data.

Are all the multiple Ignition servers connected on a LAN or separate locations? WebDev is a licensed module or each server and may be underutilized for such a small information exchange between servers.

Other alternatives could be use of a TCP/IP socket between servers if they are local or using our PRWS module which uses PubNub to send receive any small JSON data (<30kb) between servers if they are across internet.

Being gateway scripts, the question of authentication will not arise.