Web Browser about:blank

Figured I’d post this and see if anyone else is having the same issue. We use the web browser to display .PDFs coming from a controlled URL. The problem is that the Web browser fails to load the Starting URL and instead has about:blank. I have scripted a check to find if about:blank is active and then change the URL to the desired URL, but even that at times fails to load. To combat the failure I defaulted the mode to HTML with a spinning circle in HTML but the module still loads on startup the blank URL and fails to load. This is driving me crazy. I have tried many combinations of changing the type from HTML to URL with no success. Does the Property starting url have to be loaded before or after switching modes? I’m running 7.9.16 with the Matching .16 browser module

Hey Michael,
Have you tried using the PDF viewer module ?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I should have also mentioned that we also open .doc files from our URL. I have tried to use the pdf viewer but I am getting errors when the URL loads, 1 of which caused the JVM to freeze up and I had to ‘End Task’. We also modify the URL to include the ‘#page=x’ at the end so that the pdf loads on the desired page. This works in the web browser but not in the pdf viewer.