Web Browser Bugs

We’ve been using the web browser component for a recent project and we’ve found a few bugs that I want to point out.

Zooming: There seems to be an issue when you set the zoom on the browser in the designer. When you set it to shrink (<0), once the app launches it errors as soon as the window opens.

Error I get when the window opens with a zoomed web browser.

Enabled/Disabled: We’re pretty much unable to disable the browser, it doesn’t look like there’s a property to do it. In some cases we’d like the user to NOT be able to interact with the browser until we’re ready. I see an enabled property when I dir the object but it doesn’t seem to have much affect. I even tried overlaying another object over the window and it doesn’t seem to change anything.

Startup error: This is just some weird error we get every time we open the browser. It throws this error (only in the console) which doesn’t affect anything but it’s annoying.

Custom properties: The browser doesn’t seem to be able to keep them once the window closes. If you add one, it will disappear after you close and reopen the window in the designer.

Font scaling: This is kind of a big one for us. If you look around on the jxBrowser forums https://groups.google.com/a/teamdev.com/forum/#!topic/jxbrowser-forum/zLRVl_gEN6w you can see that there are some issues with an older version on Windows that has font scaling issues. The link above is the exact issue we’re having. This seems to only happen when the user has the font set at medium (of course the stock value). When we change the font to smaller or larger it fixes itself, and of course it’s not on all machines. It looks like issue was fixed in a recent release of the browser component by devteam.

Having said all that, we really like the component, it works really good in most cases. These are just a list of some of the things I’ve noticed. Also, it’s entirely possibly that I’m creating some of these problems from something I’m doing, if that’s the case please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sorry for the novel

Can you give me the version of the module that you’re using? (Not the Ignition version, because the module doesn’t automatically update when you upgrade Ignition) Then I can try to recreate your issues.

FWIW, we’ve upgraded the underlying libraries for the browser component quite a few times lately. Trying version 1.7.3 (or even the 1.7.4 beta) might resolve many of these problems. You can upgrade the module without upgrading Ignition, so it should be easy to try out.

I was able to recreate the Custom Property issue in the latest version, so I’ve filed a bug ticket for that. I’ll also file a ticket requesting the enabled/disabled feature.