Web browser client not working on some machines

I have a problem that I cannot understand. I tested opening my ignition project using Web Launcher on multiple computers. It was working fine on all of them.
Then, some days later, some machines just can’t log in anymore. When I finish writing the login information, nothing happens, it just stays on that Java window with the login and password written on it. The window does not freeze, it just doesn’t do anything when I press “OK” after the login info. But some machines are still working fine. PS: Mobile version is working fine too, on all machines.

Please help

This is the error I’m getting:

StatusCode[Severity=Bad, Subcode=Bad_CertificateUntrusted]: None

What should I do?

That sounds like an old version of Ignition that cannot handle the security requirements of newer versions of Java. If I recall correctly, you will have to upgrade Ignition to v7.7.8, v7.8.5, or v7.9.x.

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But do you know why it happens just on some machines, not all of them?

Can you post what Ignition and java versions of the affected systems?

Some of the machines have had java updated to a modern secure version, and others have not.

@ryanjmclaughlin @pturmel

Ignition : 7.7.7
Java version on working machines: version 8 update 151 / version 8 update 131
Java version on non working machines: version 7 update 65

So updating Java should work?

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