Web Browser Component - Chromium profile directory used/locked

Any time I have more than one instance of the Web Browser component on a window, I get the error:

The Chromium profile directory is already used/locked by another BrowserContext instance or process

I’m assuming this means I am only able to have one instance of the Web Browser component running at any given time? Is this correct or have I potentially done something wrong?

This bug was fixed in 7.9.4, which version are you running?

I can confirm we are running 7.9.7.

Is the web browser updated to 3.9.7? The installer doesn’t automatically update the web browser so I’d thought I’d check.

Also, I just tried this out on a 7.9.9 build and it was fine, which OS are you using?

Yes, we are running 3.9.7. I am experiencing this on Windows and macOS.

First things first, back up the project that has the web browser components, if needed. On the client side, try deleting the entire .ignition cache. The cache is where the JXBrowser profile directories are stored, and we changed where in the Ignition cache those profiles are stored so they aren’t shared between clients.

If you can’t delete the entire cache, try deleting just the ./ignition/cache/Cache folder. If that doesn’t work, or that folder doesn’t exist, you’ll need to contact support and have them troubleshoot some more.

I cleared my Client and Java cache on macOS using these steps.


Still getting the same error when I try to place more than one web browser component on a window.

I believe I have identified this issue. This error occurs when “Use Proxies” is set.

I discovered error initially because I had a template repeater, and the template it was repeating had a web browser component. In the repeater only the first instance of the template would load the web browser content correctly. The remaining templates web browser component would be blank and the error I posted would be displayed.

Through all of this I have been using the Web Browser Component with proxy settings. I have found that when I set “Use Proxies” to false on the Web Browser component, my template repeater works just fine.

I have also found on macOS only, when I interact with resources that include a web browser component, I am very frequently presented with the macOS loading wheel for 1-2 minutes. On occasion, this stretches to 3-5 minutes. Once or twice it has lasted 5-7 minutes. This might be worth looking at as well.