Web Browser Component - Project Freezing

I have an Office Overview project that’s essentially a Kiosk display. It has a list of windows that it swaps between, each with it’s own number of seconds to display for. I have a client timer script that checks the elapsed seconds-shown, and performs the next swap if needed.

A few of these windows only contain Web Browser Components that link to published Google Sheet resources. Those windows display fine, but after some amount of time my project will freeze and the GUI will become totally unresponsive. The gateway still shows the clients are connected, and their heap usage is still fluctuating at around 1/2 of max.

I’ve already submitted an IA support ticket for this, but figured I’d ask the top minds of the forum as well. Here’s a thread dump of the client during a freeze event: client_thread_dump.txt (63.6 KB)

Any guidance in troubleshooting this would be well appreciated, thanks!

We’re actively working on a few issues with the web browser component and rapid window navigation; in certain circumstances customers reported that it would lock up for a hardcoded 2 minute timeout (which may be what you’re encountering). There are some changes to the browser component coming in 7.9.8 which may help with these issues.

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Thanks for the info! Not sure if my problem is exactly that, as it generally takes about an hour to surface, and doesn’t ever unfreeze on its own.

It might be exacerbated by swapping the windows instead of leaving them open and bringing them to the front of the stack. I’ll change that behavior and report back.

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That’s definitely worth a try if you’ve got the client memory to spare - all the issues seem to stem from initially creating the component and the bootstrapping around that process.

Project has been running reliably since switching from swapWindow to openWindow. Thanks for the heads up!

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