Web Browser Component - Site Can't Be Reached

I am trying to access a power meter website to view current, voltage, etc… from an ignition client web browser component. The power meter is a power xpert 4000 series. I am able to ping the power meter’s IP address and am also able to access the website in an external browser, but when I use the web browser component in an ignition vision client it says the site can’t be reached.
Is this something to do with having to enter a user name and password into a field before being able to access the power meter information through its web browser? I have popups enabled for the component.

Edit #1 - The error its giving me is: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID
If I try to access the web server of the power meter in an external browser it also gives me this same error, but I can press advanced and continue into the site. Is there any way of bypassing this in a vision client browser component?