Web Browser Doubt

Hi, I have a doubt. I need to open an embedded page of my plc device in the web browser for some users. But some of the clients don´t see the plant network, so i tried using the web browser thinking that, because the web browser is in the gateway pc this clients could see the embedded web page, but it wasn’t possible. Do you know some solution for this topic?

You’ll need to use a web proxy on a server with appropriate firewall access rules or get a firewall rule setup with port forwarding to your PLC’s IP address and port from outside the plant network. You’d then use the proxy (or port forwarded IP:port) web server as the URL in the web browser, and make sure it works from inside the plant network as well. If you aren’t in control of your network, then you’ll have to work with your IT people to set this all up.

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Hi ctonge. Do you know something about use the gateway like a server and use an url similarto this:
http://GATEWAYIP:8088/main/system/urlproxy?url=http://webpage IP/index.html.