Web Browser for Version 8

I have the beta running and it will not run the web browser module. I
get the following Message:
Module “Web Browser” requires Ignition 7.9.0 (b0) and is not
compatible with Ignition 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018113002)
Is this going to be available?

Update to the latest nightly beta and everything should be there.

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Updating did fix the Web browser issue in the designer. The project will run in the designer. However now when the project is launched (from the designed or the Client Launcher) will not open the startup screen. I also have a couple other projects that do not have any Web browser screens. These projects open fine.

What operating system is this occurring on?

Are there any relevant log/error messages?

If the issue is that open on startup windows aren’t…opening on startup, then this is probably the same issue as this other thread: [Bug]Windows not opening on startup