Web Browser 'loadURL' not working

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Hoping you guys (and gals) can help me out. I don't have access to the person that originally did this work, and I'm a little lost as to why this worked before and doesn't anymore. I suspect that it has something to do with us upgrading Ignition to the current version 8.1.28 from the lower version of 8.1.

We have a web browser object which is supposed to show images based on a URL address which is based on a 'filename'. When this property changes, the script runs, but now we have an error that says that the object has no attribute 'loadURL':

Here are the custom properties on the web browser object:

I looked at this for a couple hours yesterday and dug into the jxbrowser stuff but couldn't find any references to 'loadURL'.

Try printing type(browser), and then looking up the class in JxBrowser's Javadocs to see what methods it has:

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