Web Browser - local network filepath

Has anyone had success using a web browser component to open a locally (local network) stored *.html file? Here’s the kicker, the *.html file is a shell for a locally stored video file.

I’m not sure if the web browser is capable of playing a H.264 codec/*.mp4 file.

I can get the web browser to point to the local *.html file. (plain text shows just fine)
I can get the *.html file to play the video when opened from my local pc.

I cannot get the *.html file to play the video when opened through the web browser.

I know I must be missing something.

I would sure appreciate any guidance if it’s out there.


Bump because I modified the original post to be a little more descriptive.

Unfortunately the web browser component does not support H.264 or mp4 codecs.

So I figured out how to get videos to play in ignition…

Here’s what I learned…

  • The ‘Web Browser’ component is a ‘Chromium’ based browser…it cannot show H.264 or *.mp4 video files or codecs…
    o I had to convert the movie to a ‘webm’ format
  • The browser needs to be set to ‘URL’ Mode
  • ‘Starting URL’ property needs to point to the http address of the Ignition Server
    o Here is what works – http:\IPaddress:8088\main\test5.html
  • Here is the ‘test5.html’ document – it’s a simple notepad file saved as a *.html extension
  • Note that the video itself is also in the ‘Main’ folder on the Ignition server…I placed a shortcut to a different network location inside the ‘Main’ folder.
    o The modified path with the shortcut looked like… ”…86:8088\main\Video\TestVideo…”
     \Video was a shortcut to the network location
     This did not work…the video did not play
    • There may be a permissions problem here…or it may just not like to work with a different network location…maybe just the \main folder works

**NOTE: ‘IPAddress’ is the IP address of the Ignition Server