Web Browser Module Not Supported

Is there a way to update the version of the underlying web browser that the Web Browser Module uses? I'm currently using Ignition Edge 8.1.25 and Web Browser Module 5.1.25 and getting this error when trying to access an Asyril Eye+ dashboard. It opens fine in the latest windows version of edge.

Annotation 2023-03-17 160556

The user will have to update their browser version

No, it's using JXBrowser, which is a component that we have to update as part of the platform.

It's been in the works for a while but I'm not sure what the timeline is... hopefully in one of the next couple releases.

That's a bummer, hopefully it makes it into a release soon. Do you have any interesting ideas as a work around or would a link to launch the system web browser be best?

Probably best to just use the system browser...

I don't know how your dashboard is doing version detection, but if it's naive you might be able to set a customer user agent on the browser component via scripting somehow... someone more familiar with the component would have to chime in to confirm if that's possible.