Web browser module (running vs loaded)

what is the difference between running and loaded state for web browser modules on ignition 7.9

I think because the WebBrowser module doesn't have a gateway component to it, the success state is "Loaded" vs "Running".

Both "Loaded" and "Running" are good states for a module.

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I do not have any syntax errors and my starting HTML is not functioning. Was trying to think of reasons it might not be functioning. Maybe i should restart the web browser module from the gateway

Look in your designer and/or client diagnostic console to see if the web browser module failed to load there.

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I did that and have no failures reported in diagnostics console

The Starting HTML script was running fine, and my browser component was displaying a map with a weather overlay. But all of the sudden stopped working (map view is not available). I through it was my starting HTML for the data mode so i ran the HTML script separately using an online complier and it seems to be working fine.