Web Browser Module URL help

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to have the Web Browser modules URL setup like the IP camera to use the Gateway Server as a gateway for the clients to view web pages that are only accessible on the Gateways network?

http://webpage IP/index.html (works from Gateway but not from client, as the client is on a different network)

http://GATEWAYIP:8088/main/system/urlproxy?url=http://webpage IP/index.html (this method using the gateway server works fine for the IP camera but not for the Web Browser?)

Any help appreciated



I would have thought this would be achieved at the network level by setting the Ignition Gateway as the networking gateway for the view nodes. This means that if the View nodes could not find an IP address, the request would be sent to the Gateway. As long as the Gateway was set to route between the subnets this should work.