Web Browser Module

Me again
I’m just finishing up a project and a couple of niggles that I’d like to iron out.
Using Web Browser Module I can pass a URL to the “Starting URL” and all is fine. This project is an offline project, no connection to the outside world but with lots of equipment that can generate web pages so this is useful, except I can’t fathom how to pass an IP address AND a port such as:
I just get a blank page.
Any Ideas?
Version 7.7.2
Java8 update 25 (build 1.8.0_25-b18)
Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

Yikes – good question! I’ll poke around a bit a let you know when I figure something out.

Looks like it’s an issue in the underlying library we use. I’ve left a message for the devs.

:blush: We need a face palm emoticon here…

When I tried it this morning, I used the JxBrowser demo module (to eliminate any issues introduced by our component), and typed in localhost:8088/main to connect to a running gateway. But, duh, I should have typed http://localhost:8088/main, because the demo app isn’t quite as smart as a browser. Verified the Web Browser component has the same behavior – if I type in http:// at the start of the StartingURL (or in the nav bar), the page displays like a champ. Leave it out and I get a blank page. Works whether I use localhost or the IPv4 address of my machine.

Can you let me know if this fixes your problem? (I assume that the comma in the IP address was a typo in your forum post, and isn’t the issue.)


http:// solves the issue.

its interesting as a stright IP works,

and yes the comma was a typo, it was a Sunday and I’m allowed one a week. :slight_smile:

Good to get it out of the way, then! LOL