Web Browser URL

I have the Web Browser on its own window.
I can not get the browser to open with the URL that I want.
If I type the URL in, it displays fine.
I want a specific page to be displayed when I open the window containing the browser.
The address I want to display is “http:”
This address happens to be the same PC that I am running designer on…
I’ve typed the URL into the Property Editor.
I tried binding it as and expression.
I tried loading the URL when the window opens.
All to no avail.

I have ‘http://localhost:8088/main/web/home?0’ on my test station, typed into the “Starting URL” with the drop-down above in “URL mode”. It works.

This is a known issue with the Web Browser component where the Starting URL property doesn’t fire when the window opens and instead opens “about:blank”. This bug is fixed in the upcoming 7.9.9 release.

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