Web Browser - Weird Behavior (between Chrome and Firefox)

  • We’ve got a problem during development. the comportment is depending on the WebBrowser we’re using.

On Chrome there is no problem, the comportment is the same as the Designer.

But when we use the Firefox WebBrowser we’ve got many problems :

  • The loading is much slower than Chrome.
    cf. SlowLoading_WeirdBehavior

  • The comportment (with flex container or checkbox, and other) is weird.
    cf. WeirdBehavior

You can find those videos on the following link : https://we.tl/t-AosBVJJL0G*
(remove the ‘*’ character at the end of the link)

Thank’s !

As a side note, I almost flagged your post as spam because of the link title.

Hi Jordan,

I don’t understand why ?

Not the topic title, it’s the text of your link. It’s an advertisement line. Therefore, spammy. You may want to consider changing it. :wink:

Ooooh, okay ! Excuse me !
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Do you wan’t that i create this ticket again ?

Nope, you should be able to edit your post, though.

Important point of clarification:
This forum is not an official IA support venue. If you have a support contract and need specific help with an issue, contact our support department: https://support.inductiveautomation.com/

You may get help on this forum, and you may not.

As for your actual issue, what version of Ignition are you using?

We are working on Ignition v8.1.7.

Thank’s for the link.

doesnt perspective only support chromium browsers?

No, it supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge officially, and “any modern browser” unofficially.

But the embedded browser used in the Designer and Perspective Workstation is Chromium-based.

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