Web Dev file resource Max Size?

I have a project that uses the video player component: (Perspective, Ignition v 8.1.25, Web Dev v 5.1.25). The video is stored on the ignition server and added as a file resource, the size is 146mb. The project never finishes a "save". The update project box has ran for 3 hours and does not finish. Is there a file size limit to this?

There's no explicit file size limit, but I wouldn't put a 146 mB file into Webdev. Stand up a (free) file server like nginx or Traefik on the same box and optionally use it as a reverse-proxy to your actual Perspective server. From any outside user, it's all one webserver; internally, the static host can serve the large static file efficiently and your Ignition system can just deal with the Ignition side of things.

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Hi everyone!

when I try to create a file resource larger than 1mb I get an error, as shown in the figure:

Is there any configuration where I can change the maximum allowed file size?

Actually I shown the log, the error is this one:


Click the details tab. Copy the entire detailed message. Post it here, as text, in a pre-formatted block. (Not a screen shot.)

Hi Pturmel, thanks for your reply. In the details tab it is displayed this message:

GatewayException: Post Error, error code = 413

Ignition v8.1.8 (b2021080310)
Java: Azul Systems, Inc. 11.0.11

This error occurs whenever I try to create a file resource larger than 1MB in webdev.

That suggests that their is a limit, due to Ignition's max upload file size setting. That is configurable with a special setting in ignition.conf, but I recommend you simply follow Paul's advice to the OP.

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Do you know which line in ignition.conf should I change to allow me upload larger files?

I didn't find this information.