Web dev module in ignition

Using the web dev module, is it possible to access the database using javascript in ignition

Thanks in advance!

What's the real problem you are trying to solve?

I am trying to create a custom login screen in ignition using the web dev module but I do not know how to link the database in the webdev module and if I should use a backend server like flask or django for the custom login screen

That sounds like a lot of complexity to add to a system and will probably give some future upgrade problems and backup and restore problems. I would recommend trying to achieve what you need using Ignition's built-in security and user and role management.

why would you need to acces the db for an exteral login? If you are using an external methode doesnt that mean there already is a system inplace to login?
If there isnt and you need to create one with your own db, then you should not do this, and use the tools of ignition to log in.



Is it possible to change the layout of the perspective login page (for example -changing the logo)

Yes, if you go to your gateway webpage, go under config and scroll all the way down you should see an option for branding customization. Keep in mind this is only for Perspective. its pretty limited in what you can do but its better than nothing.


Thanks the informtion!

The perspective Branding Customization is a good feature to change things like icon and favicon but what if I want to change the background color?
Is there any other feature available to check?

You can do that with branding customization too

Perspective Co-Branding - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (inductiveautomation.com)