Web Dev Python Resources - Shared or Dedicated Thread?

Hi all,

I imagine the subject line expresses my query pretty succinctly, but just in case, I've had no luck figuring out from the user manual or perusing this forum if python resources run in a dedicated or shared thread on the gateway when invoked.

I've got some resources that push a pretty sizable payload on a doPost and I want to make sure that the processing time to parse this payload isn't blocking other important gateway activity.

As a bonus question - is there any practical limit on the payload size that can be transmitted on the request['data'] object?

WebDev requests run independently on a Jetty thread. (That is, potentially in parallel, so watch out for concurrent resource access.)

Jetty has its own rules for its thread pool--not sure about those.

There's no specific limit to the payload size, besides the impact on memory. Might want to investigate working directly with the response output stream to avoid that problem.


Thanks @pturmel for the quick and concise answer!