Web dev sign in cookie

I have a mobile website developed using web-dev. Is there any way to control how long the session stays logged in? It seems to be somewhat erratic, but seems to mostly default to being much shorter than what I would like. Is there anything we can do to keep logins active for a longer period of time? What happens alot of the time is a user logs in, looks at something, then sticks phone back in pocket. 10 mins later they pull phone out and they have to log in again. Would be nice ot be able to say stay logged in for 8 hours or something.

bump, anyone run into this issue?

If you’re using Webdev’s built in authentication, then it’s just piggybacking on the gateway’s session management. As of 8.1.1, there’s a ‘User Inactivity Timeout’ setting exposed in Configure -> Security - that might be worth a try?

what about in older versions? Is that something that can be accessed somewhere in a file or something? I am slated to upgrade soon but am not 100% ready yet.

You might be able to manually configure something in Jetty, via the web.xml, but there’s no supported way to do so.

I see this in the webdefault.xml setting under Ignition>Webserver. Is this the file you were talking about?