Web page automatic data passing

I have some alphanumeric data available, I am currently accessing web page manually, entering the data in webpage input field and pressing the button on the web page to get the results.

is there any way possible to automate the procedure through a script to feed data from ignition into webpage input field and read the result back to ignition.

Not knowing who owns the webpage, I couldn’t tell you for sure. You might contact them and see if they can provide some REST or SOAP functionality which would allow direct automation of their webpage. However, IF you can formulate the http string that gets sent when you click the button yourself, try sticking a “.json” on the end of it and see what you get back.Use Ignition’s httpGet and JSON decode to parse it:
r = system.net.httpGet('https://thewebpage.html" + ‘.json’ + “?thedatavar=alphanumericdata”)
jr = system.util.jsonDecode®
Good luck!

the website from which i am fetching data is owned by government. the data is freely available for public.

It is typical for web forms to use POST instead of GET when submitting the form, so httpPost would be needed. To know for sure, you’ll need to look at the HTML source of the web form and figure out the URL, the method, and all of the necessary input field names to construct a proper POST.