Web server access through internet using cpanel

Hi all,

Im making a dashboard for my project and want to access them through internet,
i already have a web hosting service and manage them using cpanel, it is possible to host the dashboard into my cpanel and if it possible how i can do it.
It is possible to do it without cpanel?

Thanks in advance

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Just use port forwarding. so easy!! :laughing:

I have the same issues, is there any method on how to do it? Please help me.

Thank you.

maybe u need to buy Ignition Vision.

I'm encountering the same issue, it would be very helpful if there is a solution.

This is not an Ignition problem to solve. The vast majority of the work involved in making an Ignition gateway accessible over the public internet is general IT knowledge that's not specific to Ignition. I'll also add that if you do not know what you're doing, it is incredibly dangerous to expose internal servers to the public internet. For any period of time.

I would consider it an absolute requirement to have a public domain name, a valid SSL certificate, and HTTPS enabled before even considering exposing an Ignition gateway to the world. A safer option would be to set up a VPN, but even knowing what your options are in this space is basically just fundamental IT knowledge.


well I'm not really familiar with this IT environment, guess I'll search for IT support to help me.
Thanks btw