Web Service - Bing Translator

Having trouble configuring my first web service.
WSDL = api.microsofttranslator.com/V2/soap.svc?wsdl
Port = BasicHttpBinding_LanguageService
Operation = Translate
AppId = Valid / Registered ID
Text = Hola
from = es
to = en
contentType = I left blank
category = I left blank

Script Below
wsvar = system.ws.runWebService(‘Spanish To English’)
var1 = wsvar.getChild(‘TranslateResult’).getValue()
print var1

Which returns Null. Shows up as None in the Output window.

Arg… Help please.

Could I use this Python API? http://pythonhosted.org/goslate/

This is a Python API that allows free translation by using Google’s translate website.

Have you been able to get the google translate to work? I’m guessing no since Google lists Python 2.6 as the minimum requirement. https://developers.google.com/api-client-library/python/apis/translate/v2

I have been trying to find a third party translate library but keep running into null file pointer errors… This is possibly related, https://inductiveautomation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=14102&p=51464&hilit=library#p51464
Looks like I need to update a server to 7.7.5 and try some more…

Heavily modified and stripped down Goslate. More like inspired by… :wink:
google_translate_2015-08-03_1634.proj (1.87 KB)

Usage: shared.google.translate(phrase, sourceLanguage, targetLanguage, [fullSet])

fullSet will return the full response from Translate. Useful if you need the romanized version of a result (example: translating from Japanese)

Jordan that works great. I was starting to work on this, and decided to check back and found your solution. Thanks

@jtx2: Everything okay then? Was just coming back to revisit the thread when your entries disappeared.

Would have answered sooner but we’re on day 4 of no water at our house. Since all good crises have a name, I decided on “Well-mageddon”…

Things are back on track, though. Thinking I’ll have to rename it to “Hydropalooza”. :laughing: