Web Service Windows Integrated Authentication call from Ignition Scripting

I want to be able to call a web service and use Windows Integrated Authentication via the service account that runs the Ignition gateway. Same results as calling Invoke-WebService -UseDefaultCredentials from a Powershell script. Is there a native way to do this in Ignition Jython without having to call an external Python 3 program (requests module or the like) / powershell file / other construct?

Ignition is running on Java, and (outside of the COM module), has essentially no “platform specific” code.

MS’ documentation for -UseDefaultCredentials is woeful, so I can’t even figure out how it’s actually authenticating, but your best bet, performance and maintenance wise, for HTTP requests in Ignition is system.net.httpClient, full stop. It doesn’t have quite as many batteries included as requests, but it’s still plenty capable.

Got it, thanks for the prompt response. I’ll first try to get the client onboard with using something like an API key so I can use system.net.httpClient and keep it all by the books on the Ignition side, but if they want to continue with that scheme for the environment, I’ll probably go to Ignition running the Powershell file and getting the data mapped in from the return value

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