Web Service


I’m not an expert in web services (WSDL + SOAP) but in the past I was able to create a WS client with SUDS (native python library for that).

Now I was wondering if I can create a server for WS without installing other programs like PHP, .NET, etc. This is because SAP will be asking my Ignition for some data and the direct interface to MySQL is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe I can use TOMCAT (by default with ignition) and develop something in java to accomplish this. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Yes this is possible. I created a SOAP web service within an Ignition module using JAX-WS, which is part of Java. Here is a tutorial docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/tutorial/doc/bnayl.html

In the Ignition module I built I needed to create a SOAP web service in order to integrate Ignition with Quickbooks.

Another tutorial: oracle.com/technetwork/artic … 41894.html

Nick Mudge
Ignition Consultant

Any idea for creating a module to support restfull webservices ?
I think a Servlet or httpserver with a JSON parser, or Jersey framework, ???

It already exists. It is called the WebDev Module.