Web Services Module?

A co-worker and I stumbled across the following …


… and we’re wondering what the current development status of this module was? We feel it’d be a perfect fit with an upcoming project we’ve got.


Just wanted to say I’d kill for a REST API like the one that Pachube uses (http://pachube.com/docs/).

The web services module does exist, but hasn’t been touched in a little bit. That’s not at all to say it’s not going anywhere- we were actually just talking about it last week. We see great potential in it. It’s just that we haven’t focused on making it market-ready yet.

In the next few months we should be able to get it to a point where interested parties (like yourself) should be able to get access to it if desired, and then get it to a sellable point several months after that.

Also, the idea of a REST API has definitely come up, and is something that we think would make a great add-in module. If nothing else, exposing tag values could be very useful.


Great, thanks for the reply. I look forward to hearing about this module’s progress, this one is definitely staying on my radar.