Web Socket Channel closed unexpectedly code 1011

I am getting some random warnings in the gateway logs for web socket disconnects. I had an issue earlier where the gateway was using 4 gb of ram, bounced the gateway and that went down to ~1/2 gb of ram, disconnects improved but still occuring. I have ~5-7 clients connected and I am using the designer on one of them at the moment.

Screenshot of gateway warning and wrapper logs are attached. Any advice is appreciated.

wrapper.log (237.3 KB)

See the “caused by” is “connection was forcibly closed by the remote host”.

The browser closed the tab and abruptly cut off comms while Perspective was sending updated data.

Or an intermediate router chopped off the connection.

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Any updates on this....I see this constantly anytime I have the Designer up. Just last night happened again on my development system which didn't have any clients running just the designer. Development environment is a VM running Windows 10, Ignition v8.1.17 (dev lic), SQL Server Express 2019 (VM is on an external drive, Solid state, dev pc is a laptop!). Most annoying is when I'm in the middle of development and happens, then I can't save anything new.