Web Sockets in Ignition

I am trying to query against Kafka SQL (Lense) and the part of the API that you do the query in requires web sockets.


Is there a Python / Jython library available inside of Ignition that can be used for web sockets?

Or, is this a module only discussion?

Looking for the equivalent of this, but available inside of the Ignition environment.




There are a variety of websocket-capable HTTP clients in a typical Ignition install.

Probably the easiest entrypoint would be system.net.httpClient().javaClient.newWebSocketBuilder().

Actual usage will require a fair number of Java imports and won’t be particularly ‘pythonic’, but will probably be far, far more performant than trying to import a ready made Python example that relies on the Python standard library.

Note: This is for a websocket client. Creating a websocket server would effectively require a module.

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