WebBrowser Module is Not Running

Hi Team,
I’m development on Ignition 7.9.2 (Trial License) , and Linux SO OpenSuse 42.2 Leap.
I need to use the WebBrowser Module, but when I install it, the status on the Gateway/Modules is Loaded not Running. In the designer when the WebBrowser object is occupied, the application crashes and I have it shutdown.
This module is supported for Linux OS 42.2. and what could be the solution? or another option of the WebBrowser Module?.
Please Help me

“Loaded” is the normal module status display when a module has no code on the gateway side, just code or components to loaded in the designer and client.
You’ll have to enable the java console on your client to see what is crashing on the client side. Probably an unexpected incompatibility with the client machine’s architecture.

Generally when we see something like this in some of the less common linux OS, it’s because there is a native library (or multiple) that are missing. If you can post the error logs from the java console as Phil said, we may be able to figure out which libs are missing and get them installed. I’ve also seen it happen when the browser engine (chromium) is looking for 32 or 64 bit libs, and doesn’t find the right one.