Webdev audit logs for "Require Authentication" changes

Hi everyone,

I am using the Webdev module to expose certain web services to be consumed by others outside Ignition and when thinking about how to protect those endpoints and make them secure I came across the "Require Authentication" checkbox, and I wonder: is there a way of keeping track of when that checkbox is turned on and off? Where that value gets persisted? What logged user made that change?

The whole purpose is to make sure my solution is traceable from a security & compliance perspective, meaning that if someone made that change, I should be able to identify who and when that change (disabling require authentication for example) was made.

Based on what I've seen so far, it doesn't look like there is an easy way to get that info.
Thank you!

If you enable auditing for your project, every change to any project resource in that project will be audited. The change log will not be as granular as "the authentication boolean changed" because the auditing system isn't aware of the differences between different resource types.