Webdev ERROR 402 Payment Required on hello world method

I have created a default “hello world” method through the wizard in webdev and opened the page via “Tools” → “Launch Weddev” → “Launche Resource”.
I am greeted with the “ERROR 402 Payment Required” error, the module is in trial but when it expires I always reset it for the next 2 hours.


I don’t see the same problem anywhere in the forum, can anyone shed some light? thank you

Is there a message in the Ignition logs under the status tab of the gateway?

I would think that isn’t Ignition responding, but something else between the caller and Ignition. Is this an Ignition server exposed to the Internet with non-SSL ports open?

That might be an innocent proxy or might be something more serious.

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we have configured authentication with Auth0 IDP but I don’t think this is the issue here.

No error message is printed in the logs

Hmm, well we do send a 402 if the trial is expired… you sure it’s not expired right now? Maybe something wrong with the trial reset for WebDev or a caching or something…?

Hi Kevin, I just realized that the error is the same I get on my local ignition when the trial expires after 2 hours, only difference is that on my local ignition i can reset the trial and the module starts working again as normal.
In the server with the problem (which is not a trial but has several modules installed and bought except for the webdev trial) there is no way to reset the trial, not even uninstalling the module and reinstalling it.
Can you suggest how to proceed for resetting it?

What version/edition is it? I thought the trial should expire and be resettable if one or more modules is unlicensed.


Do you have javascript enabled when viewing that gateway’s config pages? If not, that will prevent showing the trial banner.

I don’t have any ad blocking software on this PC unfortuntely and the trial banner for my local ignition has appeared without issues.

Try restarting the WebDev module on that gateway. Then try reloading the gateway web interface page to see if the trial banner re-appears. The only way to reset the trial is in that trial banner.