Webdev error 501 when trying out getfunction

Hi all,

I'm new to Ignition and am currently trying out Ignition's free trial. I used the sample quick start provided, added in a webdev doget function, and tried to use Postman to get the results. However, I got the error "HTTP ERROR 501 Not Implemented". How do I fix this?

Hi @Mohd_Iqbal,

This issue may be best looked at with our support department. You can create a ticket through this link to our Support Help Center to troubleshoot this issue further.

A few things to check before creating the ticket,

  • Make sure the gateway's trial period is reset
  • Make sure you have saved the project after adding the WebDev resources
  • Make sure your request URL is correct (default Ignition port is 8088, but you are using 9088)

If none of those points are causing this issue, then please contact our support department to open a ticket

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Also, make sure that in Postman, you're sending a request with Content-Type header set to application/json, otherwise the WebDev endpoint may not properly parse the request payload as expected.

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