WebDev - Ignition Resource (Read all Named Queries with raw SQL, Run Queries, Get Tags, Read Tags, and more)

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my first submission to the Ignition exchange.
Exchange Link:

The resource is free to the public and contains many comments for easily modifying the resource.

The resource contains the following features:

  • Read all named queries within an Ignition Gateway
    • The script will grab all projects, named queries, parameters, and raw SQL statements.
  • Run named queries with optional parameters.
    • Allows users to enter the query that they want to run with parameters and will return the value as a dataset or will return scalar queries with only the value.
  • Get all tag paths within the Ignition Gateway.
    • Allows users to read a full list of providers, folders, and tag paths inside the gateway.
  • Get tag path group data.
    • Allows users to search even further with specified search parameters when looking for tag paths.
  • Get Simple Health
    • Users can use this as a simple heartbeat to the Ignition Gateway.
  • Get System Health
    • Returns Ignition Gateway health such as CPU, RAM, Memory utilization.
  • Get Tag Values
    • Users can enter tag paths to return values of every tag path entered.
  • Get Tag Value Units
    • Users can enter tag paths and return values along with Engineering units, High, and Low level alarms.

Example return for gathering named queries:

API Docs:

I hope users find this useful!