WebDev login, and forward to user specific project

Hi all,

We are planning to use the webdev module to create an log in screen, and forward users to their project.

Does anyone have samples on how to do this? Thanks!

What does ‘their project’ mean? A Vision project? How is that going to work - without applets, you will have to download a JNLP (if in 7.9) or the native client launchers. The only way webdev would work to form your own login page is if your entire “project” was also hosted in webdev.

Perspective. Might be the wrong forum an to early? :blush:

Project with webdev. John logs in and Johns project is loaded with credentials forwarded. No need to log in twice.

That makes more sense - although, I’m a little unclear; why use webdev at all? Just to have a custom login/logout screen? I’m not sure there’s a way to manually auth a session via scripting in either webdev or Perspective directly; theoretically you just need to obtain the right cookie/session variable, but getting that without going through the built in auth flows seems unlikely.

Our goal was to not have the user see the loading process until he has logged in.

If your project requires authentication, then there is almost no loading done/visible before the user must log in. I would say 80-90% of the loading is done after the user has been authenticated.

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Wanted to follow up on this tread.

We are still interested in having our own login page. Can this be customized in the Perspective module?

We can also have a Perspective login page, that forwards the user to its specific project when logging in. Is this possible, examples?