WebDev Memory Growth

I have noticed that when using the WebDev module that the variables do not get destroyed/recycled on every API call.

First we had an API that a customer hit once a day and then later we had more customers hit our API once a min. When the once a minute hits starting happening we had the memory get maxed out in Ignition just after a few days. And it was happening again quickly after the restart.

So now I calling the del function on all variables at the end of the code except the returned json object.
This is still growing but very slowly, it will eventually grow to the max and cause the gateway to restart.

Is there anyway to clear that memory manually? Any functions I can from Gateway scope to clear that out so we don’t max out the memory and restart the gateway?

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Sounds like a bug you should report. What version is this? (Might already be fixed.)

Version: 8.0.14

If you test your application with 8.1 could you update the result here. I will have similar application in near future

I contacted support and they have created a bug ticket for it.
They are also looking into some workaround so my memory doesn’t get maxed and shutdown the gateway.