Webdev Request Debug Screen

I’m looking to create a debug/status screen for my WebDev module.

I have an application that posts to webdev when I get a status update from a robot. If something happens ot I give the application a response with an error status, the application continues to send the same data. I want to display the incoming requests in a FIFO of some kind and possibly track to see if it’s a retry message (if the application doesn’t already do it).

I’m thinking about just using a db table to hold the data, but was curious if someone had a better idea.

Is there another way to store global (gateway) data other than a db table or tag?

If you are trying to keep track of incoming requests, there are a few ways to achieve this. You can either use a database table, a dataset tag, or a tag with history enabled to record the data coming in. This will allow for the data to be shared and visible by all the projects running on that gateway.

If you don’t care about persistence outside of the lifetime of your gateway, you could use system.util.getGlobals(). Just be careful if you store any custom class instances, as it can be a source of memory leaks; built-in Python data structures are fine.

Thank you both.

I’m going to go down the system.util.getGlobals() route first, then try a dataset tag.