WebDev to open File Explorer

I’m developing a view on Perspective with a table, I added to it a couple of “Download” Buttons to download documents, that’s working great, but now I want to click on a cell and open a File Explorer on an specific location, I read that WebDev is the way to go but I haven’t been able to figure out how to “Mount” the folder and then display it.

Is there a way to browse through a folder or open it with WebDev?

That’s not how Webdev works.
With Webdev, you can ‘mount’ a particular file or folder - then, when a certain URL on the gateway webserver is accessed (http(s)://$gateway:$port/system/webdev/$project/$pathToResource) the gateway’s webserver will return the contents of the file. In most browser contexts, returning a file’s contents will trigger a request to download the file, but that’s entirely up to the browser.

In all modern browsers, you have basically no insight into the local filesystem, for very good security reasons.

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You can install an uri (on windows) that works for browsers (not the app)
You gotta unzip and run it (as admin) on every client pc tho

registerExplorerURIScheme.zip (286 Bytes)

this one goes like so, i use the link component to open in a new tab: