WebDev to open File Explorer

I’m developing a view on Perspective with a table, I added to it a couple of “Download” Buttons to download documents, that’s working great, but now I want to click on a cell and open a File Explorer on an specific location, I read that WebDev is the way to go but I haven’t been able to figure out how to “Mount” the folder and then display it.

Is there a way to browse through a folder or open it with WebDev?

That’s not how Webdev works.
With Webdev, you can ‘mount’ a particular file or folder - then, when a certain URL on the gateway webserver is accessed (http(s)://$gateway:$port/system/webdev/$project/$pathToResource) the gateway’s webserver will return the contents of the file. In most browser contexts, returning a file’s contents will trigger a request to download the file, but that’s entirely up to the browser.

In all modern browsers, you have basically no insight into the local filesystem, for very good security reasons.