WebSocket disconnected from session issue


We are working with Ignition Perspective 8.1.15.
The user of the Perspective application repport a logout after 15 minutes of Inactivity.

When logged out, the web page is redirect systematicaly onto the gateway home page.
I have tried several inactivity configurations and search on the forum, but I have not been able to understand, or even repeated on my side, why a logout would redirect on the gateway pages.

In the project setting, in he Inactivity section I tried :

1- Disabled the Automatic Inactivity
2- Enabled the Automatic Inactivity with an Inactivity Timer of 600 minutes

When it happen, in the gateway log, the following message is displayed.
(if one client was logged or two clients were logged, only on line is shown in the gateway logs)

ClienSession [The date] WebSocket disconnected from session.

Strange fact :
This only happens to the workstation that or in the factory,
Microsoft Edge 100.0.1185.50

I do have a remote desktop on site and it never happen I get redirected to the gateway,
Google Chrome 100.0.4896.127

I also run the application on my personnal computer, using a VPN, and it does not happen.
Google Chrome 100.0.4896.127

Is it a logout or the application close ?
Thanks for your help!

The image of the page it get redirected.

Have you tested Google Chrome on the workstation to verify if the redirect occurs and have you tested Microsoft Edge when using remote desktop to verify if you’ll no longer see the redirect.
Are you still experiencing the redirect if the inactivity timeout is less than 15 minutes?

Does entering http://ip:port/data/perspective/client/[ProjectName] into the web browser redirect you to the home page?

I will verify this and get back to you.

We also discovered that the IT departement had configured a 15 minutes timeout on the kiosk mode.
I am wainting at them to take this out, and we would manage it with the project inactivity.

Anyhow, when I will be sure of what had resolve this, I will document it on this tread.