Websocket max message size exceeded in Perspective when lots of alarms in Alarm Status Table

I'm building a Perspective screen with an alarm status table for a large system with lots of alarms. I am simulating the devices for now using the built-in device simulator in Ignition so a lot of alarms are triggered at the same time.

When the alarms come in, I get a "Lost Connection to gateway" message in the designer and in the perspective client. The error message is below:

I found a post for a similar issue, but am wondering if there is some way to optimize the alarm status table so that I don't need to increase the websocket max message size. I have the pager setting on the alarm status table enabled already. Is the websocket shared for all the views or does each view get it's own websocket (i.e. if one view exceeds the max message size, will that impact other views)?

I had a similar issue, the alarm status table had about 1000 unacknowledged alarms. The issue cleared up after acknowledging them. It took some time as I kept losing the connection, but it improved as more and more alarms were acknowledged.

Another note on this, it also happened on views that didn't include the alarm status table, just some alarm counts in the north-doc header (query driven).