Week Calender Component Not Displaying Events Correctly


Since upgrading to 7.7.1 from 7.6.6 the weekly calendar component does not seem to be displaying events correctly at runtime. The designer seems to be displaying ok and the week runs from Sunday to Saturday but at runtime it is displaying monday to sunday and the events are not showing up. Any idea as to what has changed



What locale are you in? In the Designer (when you aren’t in preview mode), components think they are in an English/US locale, and display accordingly. In preview mode and the client, part of the 7.7.x localization has the calendar using the locale’s first day of the week, which is Monday in many places.

No clue why the events aren’t showing up. Can you post a small self-contained project that shows this happening?


Sorry for the delay in replying. I am still having an issue with this and I believe it started when the clocks changed by 1 hour. My locale is en_GB. I have attached the screen which works fine in the designer but does not display the events correctly in the client. We use this screen for line scheduling. The main issue is when an event is entered for a sunday or monday. I have disabled the binding for the events dataset but I have two events in it with one going from sunday night to monday night. I added a table component to show what is in the events dataset and the entry going from sunday to monday is there but won’t display.

It shows up fine in the designer as per attached screen shot.

The Monday part will not display in the client.

The Sunday Part is there when I go back one week

PMON_Line_Schedule_2014-11-28_0645.proj (43.5 KB)

Thanks for uploading the project – that was really helpful. I don’t think this is a localization issue. Instead, I think there’s a logic flaw in how we’re looking at events that started before the start of the week the calendar is showing. I’ll put in a bug ticket for this.


Thanks for the reply. I would be grateful if you could get this fixed as soon as is possible as we use it quite extensively and is causing confusion for end users at the moment as they dont know if they have an entry made or not.

Yes, it’s definitely high on the list of things to fix.

If you have any control over your dataset, a temporary patch would be to split the events into multiple events, one per day, at least for those events that cross a Sat/Sun or Sun/Mon boundary. It’s only having a problem with events that start before the days shown on the calendar. Not ideal, but it could get you through until the fix is released.