Week View or Schedule Management as a week timer switch

Hi all,

we need a week timer switch which controls e.g. an air conditioning system or ventilation system.
It should have four or more times per day. We would like to send the day and times to a PLC.

What is the best practise for this? Weve tried to use a week view or the schedule managment but its not good for this.

Any suggestions or projects around this? Or suggestions for components?


are you saying that you want to turn an air conditioning system at certain times during the day on certain days of the week? You should probably store the times you want it to come on in a database table then have a gateway timer script that runs and checks current time vs what is stored in the table. Then you can toggle the bit in the plc if the conditions are met in the script and vice versa for turning it off.

Using that method would mean that you dont have to have a client open.

Mayon, it is not quite clear what you are trying to do. Are your trying to write to certain PLC tag(s) at certain times of the day / week, like diat150 suggests? In that case, yes, use a Gateway script. You can actually set up a Gateway tag Change script that would be triggered by a boolean expression tag. Have the expression on that tag check for the times / dates/ days that you need to run the AC system. Or, you could have the script triggered by a memory tag, writing the value to that tag from an on-screen component, for example.

Got answer via mail. Have to do it by my own. Thanks.