Weekly 7.9 Changelogs - 2020

This post contains changelog entries for weekly 7.9 builds available in 2020.

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Weekly Changelog: 7.9.15-b20200611

Allen-Bradley Drivers

16468: Backport 16439: AB V21+ Driver Timeout when writing to bit tags
Prevents a timeout that occurs when attempting to write to bits with the Logix driver.


16501: Template Canvas: parameter values include additional quotes
Fixed an issue where additional quotation marks were being added to template parameter values entered into the Template Canvas Customizer’s user interface.

Weekly Changelog: 7.9.15-b20200630


12543: NPE thrown when having menu with no items configured and the menu bar is hidden
Prevents a silent error when launching a Vision Client with a menu bar containing no items, while the menu bar is set to be hidden.

16640: Vision cannot log into gateway behind AWS load balancer
Fixed an issue where vision clients were unable to login to gateways behind AWS load balancers.

Nightly Changelog: 7.9.15-b20200714

Ignition Platform

14915:Warn when client launcher JRE selection fails
Now aborting client launch if no system JRE can be found.

12211: Client won’t connect to backup node in specific scenario
Fixed an issue preventing Vision clients from connecting to backup gateways in certain redundancy scenarios.

Nightly Changelog: 7.9.15-b20200721

Allen-Bradley Drivers

16808: Changing Datatype from INT to DINT in PLC prevents tag writes
Updated so that writes are able to proceed.

Ignition Platform

16801: Custom response handlers not executing for SECS-1/serial
The SECS-1 (serial) protocol can now use custom message response handlers.

Nightly Changelog: 7.9.15-b20200804

Ignition Platform

16785: runSFUpdateQuery() can cause store and forward to grow unbounded
Fixed an issue that resulted in entries added to Store and Forward by the system.db.runSFUpdateQuery function to never be deleted.

15246: Tag Import- Nested UDTs overrides are not imported
Fixed the issue that was causing the collisions.

16865: XSS vulnerabilities possible in various Gateway Web Pages
Fixed a set of XSS vulnerabilities discovered in the Gateway Web Interface.


16791:SerializationException on save when transaction group items have alarms with bound associated data
Now able to save associated data without any issues.

Nightly Changelog: 7.9.15-b20200811

Alarm Notification

16841: Alarm Pipeline Block UI takes long to connect pipeline block lines
Improved performance of Alarm Pipeline Block UI.

Ignition Platform

16926:IllegalStateException from S+F cache updater task
Prevent IllegalStateException from S+F cleanup thread.

16070: Alarm Event Missing Information After Alarm Enabled Property Toggled
Fixed an issue where alarm event information was lost if the event was cleared while the alarm configuration was disabled.


16889:system.secsgem.sendRequest returns transaction id of 0 for SECS-1/serial
Fix SECS-GEM serial transaction id generation.

Siemens Driver

16921: Siemens Driver: Error optimizing read items
Fixed issue when multiple writes to same address were causing blocks to get overwritten.

Nightly Changelog: 7.9.17-b20201020


322: Backport: “Config Update Queue Size” to 7.9
The redundancy Config Update Queue Size setting is now adjustable and defaults to 100MB.