Weekly 7.9 Changelogs - 2022

This post contains changelog entries for weekly 7.9 builds available in 2022

Weekly Changelog: 7.9.19-b20220301

Data Model

2961 Subscriptions for leased scanclass don’t get created when tag is used on two consecutive windows
FIx OPC Subscriptions that are quickly removed and added back from not emitting current value.

3142: Backport IGN-2063 to 7.9: Internal alarm journal, audit profile, and tag historian “drop” all records when renamed
Internal alarm journal. audit profile, and historian data will now persist when the configuration record (i.e. provider / profile) is renamed, resulting in renaming of the local SQLIte database file.

Weekly Changelog: 7.9.20-b20220412


5822: Backport IGN-5525 to 7.9: EAM Collect Backup task fails when agent’s backup takes longer than 60 seconds to create

EAM Collect Backup task now times out by default after waiting 60 minutes for the agent to generate the backup plus another 60 minutes for the agent to transfer the backup to the controller over the Gateway network if the backup generation did not timeout (previous defaults were too short for some large backups).
Transfer timeout is configurable using system property ignition.eam.task.collectBackup.transferTimeout (must be a valid integer measured in milliseconds)

Weekly Changelog: 7.9.21-b20220517


5923: Subscription bookkeeping bug in exposed tags (TagDriver, 7.9)
Fixed a bug which caused subscription updates for exposed tags to stop when multiple monitored items for the same exposed tag.

Weekly Changelog: 7.9.22-b20221108

Data Model

6560: Deadlock in Ignition SQLTags
Fixed a deadlock that could occur when writing to a derived tag at the same time its value was changing.